Anonymous asked:

care to explain how this "no no no" differs from all the larry denials we have? harry said no, they both said no. like whats the difference?!

lapelosa answered:

Dallas, March 2012 at the 4.08min mark

'Some people genuinely seriously believe we're in a relationship' [but we're not]<—the expected follow up that was never said. Liam did add 'You are though'.

Toronto, May 2012 at the 16.40min mark

Transcript can be found here. Short version:

Then it turned into so many people genuinely thinking that me and Harry are, uh, in a relationship. When quite frankly, we just started off just saying that we’re really good friends then everyone said this and then

The words ‘no we are not in a relationship’ are not uttered.

Dublin, October 2012, at the 6.06min mark

'That is a conspiracy of fanfiction. It's apparently that me and Harry are together and my girlfriend isn't real'. He is describing fanfiction. We are once again missing the declarative, indicative statement 'But that's not true'.

In contrast:

Madrid, November 2012, at the 2.53min mark

Out of nowhere, Louis says about Zayn, ‘Just to be clear, we are not together’. This is not a description of what fans think. This is a declarative claim about the true state of affairs. His denial of dating Zayn is much more clear and much less ambiguous than his denials of dating Harry, and yet it’s the latter that has apparently led him to re-arrange his life, kick Harry out, avoid interacting with Harry, etc. But he fails to take that step of making a declarative statement about the true state of affairs, ‘I and Harry are not dating’.

Turin, June 2014, at the 4.30min mark

Fan asks Louis, ‘Are you really engaged to Eleanor?’ She is asking him a question about the true state of affairs. Louis: ‘No. No. No’. A question that makes very, very clear his answer to the question is ‘no’. And very emphatically no at that.

That is the difference.

It’s good to become more aware of how people use language and learning to identify more clearly what they are saying and what they are not, because people in power manipulate language to manipulate perception all the time.